Here are a few links to video-oriented websites and feature articles we think you will find interesting and useful.


UltraViolet, Blu-ray & DVD Primer: Jim Taylor's definitive Q&A-formatted research on these three technologies. Ultraviolet is a new system for buying, downloading and streaming video over the Internet.


Creative Over 200 online support discussion forums spanning a wide range of professional video tools, software and industry processes. Also offers over 1,000 text and video tutorials. While geared more for the video professional, the COW is useful to anyone wishing to understand video tech. Newby questions are welcomed.


The technical glossary at is quite complete.


NAB2014. It's the world's largest electronic media show. And it's the second largest Las Vegas event. Some of the "booths" are so impressive they are two stories high. It opens from April 5th to the 10th in 2014, but you still couldn't see it all even if it ran twice as long.